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YK - Floor Grid / With Collecting Pot / Discharge From One Side / Not Inclined

It is completely manufactured from AISI304 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.
It has pan,it is not inclined and discharged from one side.
Pan drainage channels consist of three main parts:Top grill, water collection pan and siphon mechanism.
Dimensions of the pan given here are top-view external dimensions.
Pan has a thickness of 1,20 mm.
In the products with the width of 300 mm: Top grids have a width of 240 mm and lengths of 240 mm and 440 mm and thickness of 25 mm.
Top grills have the dimensions of 20*20 mm. and have a shape of honeycomb; and they have been combined with argon arc-welding in all connection points from both directions and have been exposed to chemical cleaning.
Frame sheet of top grill plate has a thickness of 1,50 mm and partition sheet has a thickness of 1,20 mm.
Siphon mechanism, which prevents stink coming from instalment, is connected to the water collection pans with argon-arc (TIG) welding.
Outlet pipes consists of entirely welded standard pipes and they are calibrated according to the size and type of the pipe to be connected.
Depending on the product it has a Ø75 mm or Ø110 mm. stainless drainage pipe.


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