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PFE 100 - Mini Fryer

Operates with electric
It is completely manufactured from AISI304 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.
100-180°C thermostat control
Baskets are manufactured from wires which are compatible with frying and coated with tin complying with sanitary conditions and handles are protected from overheating. The oil reservoir is on the cold zone to make burned oil and sediments to precipitate to bottom.
Heaters are designed as moveable to ease cleaning and maintenance and they are designed to spread heat homogeneously.
There is a main control switch which enables / disables energy input to device .
There is a basket hanger assembly to drain oil after frying.
There is a limit safety thermostat which automatically cuts the power input in case of any danger.
Heat Capacity 3,6 kW
Electric inlet: 220-230V 3N AC 50-60Hz
Oil Capacity: 5 lt.
Basket Capacity: 1,25 Kg
Frying time: 8-12 min.
Cable cut: 3*2,5 mm2
Dimensions: 480*280*400 mm.
Net weight: 9 Kg


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