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FBE 022M - Convection Oven with Steam / Electrical

Operates with electric
It is completely manufactured from 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.
Operating system is fully automatic with electronic program card and touch screen control panel.
Besides cooking by 100% convection or 100% steaming, it is also possible to cook at different rates of convection and steam (%25-%75, %50-%50, %75-%25)
With its special fans within the oven it is possible to achieve a uniform heat distribution and a well-balanced cooking.
It has a digital control panel.
Cooking temperature and time can be set on the control panel.
Control panel with 10 program memory provides fast and efficient use.
With Steam Generator it is possible to spray steam onto the food.
Doors are heat-resistant double glass and conform to hygiene standards
Inner door glass can be opened and is easy to clean.
There is safety system that disables operation when the door is opened.
In case of excessive rise of the temperature inside the oven, the safety thermostat disables the operation.
6 step fan speed can be regulated on control panel (Between 400 d/d – 1400 d/d).
Minimum heat loss is ensured by insulated furnace surrounding.
Oven interior lighting with the lamps placed inside the furnace.
There is rapid cooling facility by pressing the appropriate key on the digital control panel.
Heat Capacity: 25 kW
Electric inlet: 380 - 400V 3N AC 50 Hz
Capacity: 20 GN 1/1 or 10 GN 2/1
Oven interior volume: 0,45 m3
Water Pressure: 2-4 bar
Water inlet: ¾ "
Dimensions: 1200*1105*1624 mm.
Net weight: 235 Kg


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