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Founded in 1980 in a small-scale workshop, INOKSAN is now serving in a factory that produces on a 20.000 m² indoor area which is equipped with the latest technology, thanks to Vehbi Varlık, CEO, expanding his dreams further. INOKSAN is a globally strong industrial pioneer that breaks grounds in industrial kitchen sector. 


The quick steps we took for becoming a global brand helped us to succeed this in a short-term, as well as spread Turkey’s prestige in industrial kitchen sector to worldwide. As a result, INOKSAN has an export volume that includes 5 continents now, which makes us one of the known industrial enterprises in Turkey. 


By producing special equipments that complies with the different kitchen cultures of countries around the globe, INOKSAN promotes in all over the world and exports 35 percent of its production via its international representatives and direct sales. As part of giving priority to research and development, INOKSAN allocates a significant part of its annual turnover to R&D studies, and the innovative equipments produced as a result of this allows the company to compete with important global brands.


INOKSAN, who uses high-quality domestic and imported raw material for high-quality production, also imports the products of world-famous brands and provides them to its customers. From preparation, cooking, and serving equipments to dish washing areas, INOKSAN produces hundreds of industrial kitchen equipment and device types which are required for a professional kitchen. It provides services from A to Z, from project to installation for businesses such as hotels, hospitals, factories, catering industry, cafés, bars, restaurants.


Having project directorates and 50 authorized dealers in 6 big cities, and providing nearly 4.000 types of auxiliary kitchen products, INOKSAN offers numerous alternatives for customers by producing -and importing when necessary- all types of products and accessories required for the places that have catering areas, including hotels, bars, cafés, restaurants, tourist facilities and fast-food restaurants. INOKSAN is producing with CNC-controlled machines by combining stainless steel, chrome nickel sheet, imported and domestic components under its motto, to produce the highest-quality and longest serving equipments.


Providing after sales service with more than 100 authorised services in the country, INOKSAN is looking for business partners that are well supported on industrial catering equipments, electric, electronic, cooling and LPG systems, that has sufficient number of personnel and vehicles, and that can provide a guarantee letter when choosing its authorized services. Authorized services must obtain a TSE certificate after executing a contract with INOKSAN. Sales and service points are committed to permanent customer satisfaction with quality, unlimited service mentality and professional approach all around Turkey under INOKSAN assurance. INOKSAN continues to work from project to installation with full service mentality.


INOKSAN, aims continuous development with innovative products and compliance with international standards in all activities and is positioned as a world player, progressing step by step to the goal of achieving the domestic success in the world as well.

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